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A series of short, annotated clips, taken by my 'DashCam' to help later in-car instruction and/or at-home understanding.

I say "later" because they're not an attempt to provide illustrations for New Drivers in the early stages of their learning.

The clips aim to show the sorts of situations which New Drivers will have to deal with once on their own behind the wheel, and to encourage the sort of confident, fluent driving which they should expect to be taught in order to cope with such situations, before being presented for a driving test.

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One of my favourite 'mantras' in driving is :
  "When in doubt, HOLD BACK!"
Former Trainees of mine will know this as one of my "Golden Rules"!

It'll come as no surprise, therefore, that many of these clips are illustrations of this principle.
Jo[e] Public tends, unfortunately, to 'charge in' and then do a semi-emergency-stop when they realise there's a problem [which they could have foreseen with better skills and better training].

 Tracks #55 : Make sure to stay in your lane round bends and turns...

Here's a great example of how I avoid what the great unwashed may call "accidents".
By always enjoying adopting correct procedures, I can keep clear of those less gifted full‑licence‑holders "doing their own [less‑than‑competent] thing"!

   • Posted : 1st August 2021

 STOP! #54 : At traffic lights, each coloured light meansSTOP!! (2)

Green means that you can proceed, only if it's  LEGAL  and  SAFE.

Discuss with your trainer what sorts of things would make it  [a] UNSAFE  and/or  [b] ILLEGAL  to proceed.
This 59-second video will help with [b]!!

Now compare with Clip #12  [on this link]

   • Posted : 26th May 2021

 Boom! #53 : Here's a 'live' collision for you...

Discuss with your trainer - perhaps after a 'homework' task to review the clip - where the responsibility lies.

   • Posted : 22nd February 2021

 Jeez! #52 : If something doesn't 'feel' right - it probably isn't...

As a Trainer, I don't want to make trainees cynical of other road‑users, but you can't always avoid stereotyping...
Here, a non-descript van, a grubby passenger smoking a roll-up [which itself perhaps looks 'dodgy']...

"When in doubt, ..." well, ...  YOU complete my mantra for me!!

 Dazzle #51 : A dazzling clip for you...

Before driving on your own, learn where the hand-brake is, and think to use it in queues, when 'waiting' at junctions and at traffic-lights.

 NS>>NS #50 : Nearside-to-Nearside 'Controlled' Crossroads.

A nice example of how, when you're turning right, NS >> NS traffic‑light controlled crossroads work for you. [to back up your theoretical knowledge]

 Cars #49 : Pulling up on the RIGHT

Here's a great reason for using this 'manoeuvre'.

 Positioning #48 : POSITIONING

Don't merely play "Follow-my-Leader" with the driver[s] ahead of you.

Make sure that  YOU'RE  ahead of  THEM  in your skills and knowledge of road procedure!

 Scoop! #47 : "SCOOP!" - for goodness' sake!

When tackling right-hand bends either on housing estates or on country roads, DON'T try to look "round" the bend as you enter it.
If you can get a sneaky peek BEFORE you arrive at the bend to see if you can see any oncoming traffic, that may be useful, but if you can't see round, [1] slow down! and [2] make sure that you SCOOP OUT the LEFT‑HAND EDGE of the bend as you go round.

If you try to "look round the bend" as you drive through it, you'll do what so many ill-trained full-licence-holders do, and steer early, risking collision with unseen oncoming vehicles.
If you 'scoop out LEFT', it doesn't matter if stuff's coming towards you - it's on its side of the road [hopefully], and you're on yours!

Enjoy the clip - and make sure that YOU "scoop out left"!


I was asked by an ADI colleague to "top-and-tail" some 'live' footage of how he got his pupil to deal with a 'Blue Light Vehicle' - (here, it's an ambulance) - coming up behind them on a Dual Carriageway, where the left lane is a Bus Lane, active between 07:30h and 09:30h.
The event happened at 09:08h.

It's hard to get footage like this, so I was very happy to accept his offer when he asked me, after I'd finished editing it, if I'd like to include it in my Mini-Clips menu.

Watch, learn, and enjoy - n.b. the first half has [deliberately] no sound.

The latest  OFFICIAL  video for drivers meeting a Blue-Light Vehicle is on this important link

 Escher! #45 : "THE DOUBLE CON"

If an indicator CONfirms, and doesn't CONfuse, stick it on!

Never mind any guff about "no need to indicate in a 'dedicated' lane..."
Read the first two lines in this box again!!

Of course, your Trainer will need to discuss with you during the course of your training sessions, when an indicator could well CONfuse.

As with all driving, judgement is key.

 Prophet  Hannibal #44 : "And thus it came to pass..."

When emerging on to a roundabout, avoid going round absolutely in tandem with other vehicles : their poor steering skills so often mean that they'll cut you up!

"And thus it came to pass - foretold by the Prophets!"
Aim to move off / move round in a 'GAP' - all will come clear in this mini‑clip.
This happy clip was taken during an ADI-Development Session today, with me at the wheel!

 Flash! #43 : Eh oop! It's the Flash(er)!

Remember what the Highway Code says about motorists flashing their headlights.
You learned it for your Theory Test - don't ever forget it, just because you passed that Test...!

• My ADI Trainer advised me to "treat any perceived invitation to proceed with caution ... be SURE before driving into any situation you've been [supposedly] 'invited' into...

...words I've NEVER forgotten, and which I taught to ALL my Trainees.

 ??? #42 : ANYONE FOR CHESS?

When emerging, especially into narrow streets, you really need to properly LOOK way into the road you're hoping to join : and PLAN!

Drivers need to be good 'chess players' - if he does this... and she does that... and I go there.... then... :  Nope! I'll stay put...

 Fixed Stare! #41 : "YOU ARE FEELING SLEEEEEEEPY...."

Here's something supposedly 'experienced' Full Licence Holders [FLH] would do well to heed!

• Take care not to adopt a 'fixed stare' ahead all the time - it's understandably common in New Drivers, but easy to train yourself out of...
Learn always to check side-roads/drive-ways [and your speed] as you drive along.
Make it part of your general observation routine :

eg. mirrors »» road ahead »» speed »» road ahead »» mirrors »» road ahead »» side‑road[s] »» road ahead »»  mirrors »»  driveways »» road ahead etc.

Of course, you should feel absolutely free to vary the 'point of focus' in between the main 'road ahead' observations, according to the circumstances.

Apart from anything else :
• it makes sure you don't drive with a fixed stare ahead!
• it gives you a "mini neck work-out" which saves you ever having aching shoulders/stiff neck at the end of a drive.
Gentle left and right glances make this all possible - PLUS keep you alert to any unwelcome hazards!


Be aware of the need to be super‑alert when negotiating [supermarket] car parks.
Drivers may well be pre-occupied with getting home, or with kids on board.

Totally understandably, most shoppers bay park forwards [as do I] for ease of loading up from a shopping trolley... but this may well mean that drivers are reversing out with less‑than‑good observation skills, hampered often nowadays by wretched "courtesy" [blacked‑out] glass in the car next to them.

Have fun watching this little annotated trip through one of my local "jungles", and stay safe out there!
 posted 5th April


Many ADIs instruct via the phrase : "Cover the brake..."
This is called a  "control phrase"  in that if you cover the brake pedal, ipso facto you can't accelerate, but are instantly ready to 'red-light' the guys behind before starting your braking sequence - [Mirrors - Signal - before Manoeuvring.]

But sensing when to  "Cover the HORN"  is equally important, and yet doesn't appear to be taught!

Now for some fun! : if you 'toot' someone, give TWO quick toots [or three!] and try to give them a mini-wave - if it's safe.
They'll then spend the rest of the day wondering who they know who's learning to drive, who just waved at them.
That's OK - let 'em!
At least you're now SAFE, as the potential problem's been averted!  [Click/Touch here!] :-)

 Stop it! #38 : HIGHWAY CODE RULE 151
[n.b.  a slightly longer clip here, at 2 mins 21 secs.]

Many full licence holders [FLHs] start  inventing  their own 'pet ways' of doing things - usually the older drivers, but certainly not exclusively so.

eg "I just hold the car at junctions and in queues on the footbrake; it tells other drivers I'm definitely stopped..." - Yeah, and dazzles the driver[s] behind at dusk, night, and dawn...

eg "If someone's tailgating, I just 'bip' the brakelights every so often to warn them off...."  - these guys have never heard of "Crying Wolf!"...

This video clip shows another "personal preference" which good drivers have to put up with.... and suffer from the consequences.

 P-o-T! #37 : Getting the correct 'POT' - [Point-of-Turn!]

Mis-calculating a correct point of turn, especially when turning right at traffic lights, can seriously delay drivers behind.

See how to do it properly here!


Nice to have been able to film a member of the public doing exactly what they should, but which so many fail to do...

 R'bout! #35 : Exceptionally, one for Local [Loughborough] folks here

Lane discipline at an inexplicably problematic 'spiral' roundabout near Loughborough - also called roundabouts with 'routing'.
On these, the road-markings "route" you through the spiral[s] to your intended exit.
This clip shows the 'correct' path to take when following signs so as to remain on the A6 from Quorn to Loughborough [Leicestershire], having come from the Leicester direction.
nb : the bus lane's operational hours are only 07:30h to 09:30h, and the footage is shot mid-morning.


What the public calls "slip-roads" are actually [when joining a carriageway]  "ACCELERATION LANES"

NOT to accelerate can cause serious/dangerous problems for cars behind, who will themselves be attempting to judge gaps, so as to merge safely into the traffic flow.
• This clip from the M1/A52 Acceleration Lane is a case in point of what NOT to do.
As usual, it's FLHs...!
The on-screen notes will explain...

 Gap! #33 : PLANNED GAPS!

In slow-moving queues of traffic, plan where you're going to stop,
so as to avoid blocking entrances to premises and/or side-roads.
 - 15th July 2018

 Spiral #32 : "When in doubt, ...!"

Here's how to deal with overtaking  - or NOT overtaking - a cyclist.
It's just a question of "reading the road", including seeing what information is posted up on poles!!
   - 13th July 2018

 U-turn #31 : Making a 'politically-correct' U-Turn!

A quick addendum to Clip #30 here : the correct procedure for making a U-turn on a [spiral] roundabout.

   - 8th July 2018


'Spiral' Roundabouts [aka Roundabouts with 'routing'] when you want to turn 'right' [exiting beyond '12 o'clock'] require more care than usual perhaps, when changing indicators from 'right' on approach to 'left' in order to leave.
You may think that your left indicator to 'leave' isn't necessary as you'll be in the 'dedicated straight-ahead lane' - but ask yourself, who undoubtedly benefits from that left indicator?
Click the 'spiral' logo to see... [or to check the answer you've already come up with!]
   - 7th July 2018

Useful .pdf presentation on 'spirals' for you on this link

 RCCs #29 : "RCCs - Right-Corner-Cutters - they're EVERYWHERE!"

Time your arrival at T-Junctions to allow for avoiding action on the part of right-corner-cutters - RCCs.
They're everywhere, and are a special 'pain' if you're positioning correctly to turn RIGHT.

If only they would always go to the correct Point-of-Turn, like properly-trained New Drivers - but, I suppose, the steering is too complicated for them if they do that; the shallower they make the turn, the less work the have to do!!

 Move forward! forward! #28 : "MOVE ALONG THERE, PLEASE!"

If you're the lead car at Traffic Lights, make sure you stop AT the stop line, NOT half a car length or more back FROM the line.
Watch this clip to see what's apparently a serious instructional fault here, and what would be a serious fault from the driver on a Practical Driving Test.
Here, not only I - but the driver behind me too - are inconvenienced by the driver's wrong action.
He's paying to learn, but - apparently - not receiving adequate guidance. [8.iii.MMXVIII]

 Diving #27 : "DIVING FOR COVER"

All drivers need to master the art of what I call "diving for cover".
The ability to tuck the nose in between two parked cars, with brisk left steering, in order to change the steering to a full RIGHT lock, ready to emerge, and all before the car comes to a halt, is an art, not taught by many ADIs, from my [considerable] experience.
The 'show-off' skilled driver can then start to emerge whilst gently steering LEFT!!. Sorry if that doesn't make sense : Watch the video; come for a demo with me - I can do it rather well!

 tail-gating #26 : NEVER let yourself be bullied by a tail-gater.

This guy clearly thinks he's the bees-knees with an AUDI [!] so he isnt going to crash into me out of anger for doing 30 mph in a 30!
Bless him, he can't help it if his driving-'skills' aren't up to it... and look at hs steering-'technique'!
At the end, he turns off [into a no-through pull-in] - I suspect he suddenly saw my rear-facing camera and ADI decal in the rear window!!

 Indicating #25 : ALWAYS? indicate to leave a roundabout-system?

There are very few "ALWAYS" in driving...
• "Always?": stop at a STOP sign?" - well, not if a Police Officer is waving you through...
• "Always?" stop at a red traffic light? - well, not if a Police Officer is waving you through...
• "Always?" indicate to leave a roundabout-system? - well, discuss this clip with your Trainer [or think about it at home].
You can always [!] pause the clip at any stage.

 SLN? #24 : SAFE, LEGAL and/or NECESSARY to overtake?

Your Trainer should have discussed with you [or they certainly will at some time] the three main criteria which should go through your mind whenever you're considering an overtaking manoeuvre, and the slightly more unusual, 'extended' MSM routine outlined in DVSA's "Driving - the essential skills" book : M-PSL-MS-PS-LADA
So often, it's just not worth burning the petrol!
See how futile the ILLEGAL antics of a couple of Full Licence-Holders are here.

As said above, you should always EXPECT others to be less well-trained than you.
You'll then rarely be disappointed.

 Overtake #23 : An example of perfectly legal "Overtaking on the LEFT"

Dual Carriageways often split into one or more separate 'roads' when an exit is coming up.
This mini-clip illustrates a useful piece of knowledge New Drivers need to have if they are to drive progressively - unlike many self-styling 'experienced' drivers, but who clearly have limited knowledge of either road-markings and/or road-procedures.

 Ricky! #22 : "Dedicated Lane? My a*$*!"  [Jim Royle Esq.]

Dedicated lanes may sometimes be obscured by queueing traffic.
Here there's no such excuse...
You should always EXPECT others to be less well-trained than you.
You'll then rarely be disappointed.
If you spot it all unfolding before your very eyes, use the mantra!
"When in doubt, ...!"

 Dazzle! #21 : Driving Essential Skills says...

"Brake lights can dazzle. Don't keep your foot on the brake pedal if you're waiting at a junction or queueing in traffic.... Use the handbrake."
It's also impossible to set some gas for a correct get-away...
Plus, there's another problem, as you'll see...

 Courtesy #20 : ROUNDABOUT COURTESY - 1

See how full-licence-holders display little courtesy towards each other in this clip.
Just a very small amount of 'consideration for others' is all that's needed, quite apart from heeding the advice in "Driving - the Essential Skills"

 How many....? #19 : HARRY HILL's  "YOU'VE BEEN FRAMED" 

How many tears of laughter can you shed before the guy driving the red car here, in a Tesco car park, reacts to two white vans?!!
If you see it all unfolding before your very eyes, use the mantra!

"When in doubt, ...!"

 Logo #18 : The General Public as "Experienced" Motorists?!! 😆

If Driving Instructors / Police Officers / Examiners etc. needed proof that the 'experienced motorists' among the "General Public" have no scanning/planning/sign-reading skills, then look no further than their behaviour with out-of-hours-of-operation bus lanes.
Eyes staring blankly ahead, they see a thick white line, and look no further for guidance...
Try that on a DVSA Driving Test, my L-Plated friends, and see whether you definitely come away with a full-licence!

 Look-out #17 : DON'T BE A CLICKIN' IDIOT! (2)

If you pull up on the left, CANCEL your indicator. Don't continue indicating!
        It can be confusing to traffic behind.
If you see it happening, and aren't quite sure what's going on, use the mantra!

"When in doubt, ...!"

 Logo #16 : Good driving involves making progress between the hazards.

See here how making "mini-progresses" between parked cars in Meeting situations can be very effectively handled.

 Look-out #15 : BUMPS and CRASHES

Many 'bumps' and crashes happen within ¼-mile of starting off, apparently.

Be vigilant right from the start :
Driving isn't a  "Let's have an initial warm-up first"  activity.

"When in doubt, ...!"

Logo #14 : Thoughts on interpreting Give Way lines at T-Junctions...

Alas, too many ADIs teach taking 2nd gear too early prior to turning right and left, especially when disappearing left off a more main road into a side road - thus Deciding and Acting  before  Looking and Assessing!!

The correct sequence of events is LADA - not DALA!

***  Very often, the required gear is 1st! as you'll see in this clip!  ***

"When in doubt, ...!"

 Indicator #13 : DON'T BE A CLICKIN' IDIOT! (1)

DON'T stick an indicator on, 'willy nilly', just to pull away from the side of the road.
It does  NOT  mean [to traffic coming along] : " it's alright, Mate, I've seen you, but I'm just letting you know I'll be pulling out after you've gone by me..."
It's often more confusing than helpful.
"When in doubt, ...!"

Logo #12 : At traffic lights, each coloured light means STOP!! (1)

When they show GREEN, you can 'Go' ONLY  IF  it's SAFE and LEGAL.

"When in doubt, ...!"

Now compare with Clip #54  [on this link]

 DorT? #11 : Much of the time, you'll need to be asking yourself, "Do I want to 'Drrrrive' [with oomph!] in this situation, or do I just want to 'Trrundle' along, covering the brake?" [rather than the accelerator].
If you know what your "Oomph! Gear" is, your "Trrundle Gear" is usually just one gear up... (See also Clip #06)
Apologies that this is an old file from 2001 - I'll try to replace it soon... with higher-definition footage.
"When in doubt, ...!"
Logo #10 : Even in slow-moving queues of traffic, use your mirrors to watch out for other less-skilled drivers than you, who decide to take ill-advised action, in their own selfish interests.

Here, it just happens to be an AUDI driver... Beep Beep!

 [USA] T-Junction #09 : Dealing with cars parked bang opposite a ['closed'] T-Junction.
This happens more and more, as car-ownership increases, and the consequences can be costly for the unwary... but not for YOU!, I hope...  [and not for me!]
"When in doubt, ...!"
Logo #08 : There'll be times when you'll park on the right-hand-side of a street.

Briefly analyse what I do here, when I move off again, by answering the on-screen question...

Logo #07 : You'll know that "Overtaking" always refers to a moving road-user, whereas "passing parked vehicles" is just that, and is not classed as 'Overtaking'.
This clip shows the importance of INDICATING when overtaking.
Here, it's overtaking a cyclist - perhaps the most vulnerable of road-users.
Logo #06 : Here's an example of coming up to a bend where you have no view, and traffic behind needs to be controlled by your red light and your reduction in speed.
Don't 'come off the red light' [even though you may not still be braking, as such] until you're happy you can accelerate safely].
"When in doubt, ...!"
Logo #05 : OUT GOES THE 'RULE BOOK'...!

Part of good driving is having the confidence to know what to do when you have to throw the conventional 'Rule Book' out of the window.
Click the 'Rool Book' to see what to do about positioning to turn right at T-Junctions sometimes.


Click to see what to do when you come across a driver who's not indicating... but who you're not quite 'sure' about, for whatever reason...
"When in doubt, ...!"


Click the blue logo to think about indicating when following ahead at a mini-roundabout.

 GPS #02 : Interpret carefully what the SatNav's telling you

SatNavs are invaluable - I love mine - but linking what it  tells  me to precisely what I  SEE  is a crucial part of using them, isn't it?

   • Posted : 30th May 2021

Logo #01 : 'MEETING'

Click for a view on "Meeting Situations" (and on "Positioning")
"When in doubt, ...!"
Sadly, the sound-track didn't come out on this clip, but the captions say it all...

Many more clips to come!
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